Ergonomic Workstations

MB Kit Systems' Ergonomic Workstations include a platform of standard industrial workstations and components that have been engineered after 30 years of designing customized working environments. Our vast experience of stringent ergonomic standards allows for an industrial workstation line that maximizes worker productivity by minimizing fatigue. Every worker is unique; we make it easy to provide aluminum workstations with an optimized handling area comfortable for all shapes and sizes. Height adjustable tables, pivot arms, and adjustable shelves ensure the right tools and components are within easy reach for all sized workers.

Each workstation build is engineered from a team with vast experience of designing custom industrial workstations for precise applications. From manufacturing, testing, maintenance, to assembly line work cells, with an assortment of multi-functional stations. The extensive array of accessories and components assures that your work environment has the functionality to optimize any worker process. Height adjustable tables are available to ensure workbenches are the perfect height for any worker. By utilizing standard T-slot grooves, it is simple to integrate linear motion, install workflow roller conveyors, and add computer components to industrial workbenches. An expansive set of ESD components are available, allowing for easy accommodation of anti-static environments.