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House for rent as a great opportunity for people who come from other cities, countries and needs something more than a simple flat

People who used to live in private houses usually do not feel comfortable in apartments. There are cases when there is no opportunity to buy a house within a budget, so the only variant that remains – search among houses for rent. Prices on such type of realty are higher, but it is worth it. On you will be able to come across many variants at affordable prices, so everyone will be able to find something up to him. Advertisements are always up-to-date and are gathered from different realty websites. It means that the time when you were surfing over the Internet in order to find a place for living are somewhere in the past. There is an easier way to find a rental house within the budget.

When it is suitable to rent a house?

Some people have an idea that it is not profitable to rent a house. But is it really so? The situations might be different. Sometimes people want to relocate and looking for a house to live during some period of time. Others come India from different countries and want to stay for one or several months, so a house for rent is the best way out in this case. When people have big families and used to live in a private house and unfortunately due to some reasons they have to relocate, they start looking for a house for rent. Everyone has his own reasons and he should decide personally.



Property Type

Independent House / Villa

Residential 716417
Apartment / Flat 382965
Independent House / Villa 354868
Builder Floor 351
Rooms 5299
Guest House 450
Penthouse 40
Service Apartment 84
Row House 39
Studio Apartment 38
Commercial 30096
Warehouse 27
Shop 93
Office Space 29852
Hotel / Resort 107
Industrial Building 80
Business Center 7
Plots 51
Residential plots 4
Industrial plots 3
Commercial plots 16
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till 1 000 000 ₹
till 2 000 000 ₹
till 3 000 000 ₹
till 5 000 000 ₹
till 10 000 000 ₹
till 12 000 000 ₹
till 15 000 000 ₹
till 20 000 000 ₹


from 500 m2
from 1000 m2
from 1500 m2
from 2500 m2
from 3000 m2
from 3500 m2
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