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Green city called Lucknow has millions of plants and occupies the honorary place in the history of the country. Don't lose your chance to find a property and settle here!

Lucknow is the capital of Utter Pradesh state with numerous mausoleums and mosques. Also it is famous for its parks. So, may people are dreaming to relocate here and to purchase their own place for living with magnificent views. Modern life here is flowing rapidly. The business part of the city is the street Hazratgandzh where there are restaurants, trendy shops and numerous offices. The property here is of the highest price if to compare with other city areas.

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No matter if you want to buy property or only rent, there are a lot of interesting variants that differ in price. Villas, as it is expected, are more expensive than apartments. Rich people can easily purchase penthouses that are close to green zones and far from city center. The other category of people can choose between newly-built houses and secondary market offers. It means that everyone can find where to live within the budget.