NeedaProperty will bring you closer to the culture and places of interest of Chennai – one of the biggest Indian cities

Chennai is the administrative center of Tamil Nadu and was founded by English merchants in 1639. It is one of the biggest Indian cities and is one of the major ports and industrial centers of the country. The history of the city is important, because it is possible to find property for sale that dates back to the previous ages. can offer you different options to choose from. Thanks to amazing search functionality you will be able to set the parameters yourself and then view each ad in details.

As in the rest of India, real estate is a very profitable business here. It attracts international building companies that bring their magnificent projects into reality. This proves that everyone can find something suitable in Chennai based on budget and life goals. Newly-built villas and apartments are preferred.

Like much of India, Chennai is a city of contrasts with its poverty and luxury. Most part of it is in a bad condition due to neglected buildings placed next to huge business sky-scrapers. Like other megalopolises of India, this one is poor and rich at the same time. It means that prices on property for sale vary greatly. The highest cost will be set on apartment that is close to 14-km long beach that is the longest in India. The cheapest prices are on realty in old city areas and in the center. Now it's up to you to decide where to live.