6 July 2022

“I don’t want to go home” or why you feel uncomfortable at your place

If you are annoyed by your current apartment so much that you want to run away, there are probably some psychological reasons for that. If you live in such a place and it is impossible to hire an interior designer and redo some rooms, there are some things you can do to feel better in your home.

feel comfortable at your place

Proper coloring

The first thing that catches your eye is the coloring of rooms. It is well known that colors around you can influence your mood, make you more energetic or more relaxed. If it can be a good influence for you, it can also be a very bad one.

Check what color is dominant in your apartment or house. Ask yourself if you like this color and what associations you have with it. If you did a renovation, would you paint or walls in this color or would you choose another one? If you wouldn’t pick it, why is that?

Giving it a good thought, you will find out if a certain color irritates you.

Humidity, cleanness and air temperature

The second obvious and important thing that can influence your sense of comfort is what you breathe in. If there is bad ventilation in your place, dry air, or you haven’t changed the filters in your conditioner for a while, it is possible that it is the reason why you have headaches, feel tired and want to leave this place.

In a place with no dust and trash, it is much easier to breathe in the literal and figurative sense. Look at all the horizontal surfaces in your home. Are there too many things on them that create a mess and make it difficult to give the room a dust? Maybe such places are the source of your bad mood. Clean them up and throw away all the unnecessary things.

The revision of the meaning and purpose

Take a fresh look at the furnishing of your home. Imagine that you are a guest in this place and have never been here before. Criticize things and say what you’d change.

Functions of things

Does every object in the interior have any functions? Or are there things just take place, are useless or work not well enough? For example, your table is too small for everyone or your carpet doesn’t cover the floor entirely. This can irritate, too.

The price

Are all the pieces of furniture in the same price range? If among inexpensive sticks of furniture there is a luxurious and very pricey one, it can also constantly annoy you. And otherwise, if among exclusive designer things there is something cheap, it is also a bit irritating.

Emotional response

Remind yourself why you hung this photo on the wall. Did you have to do it before your parents’ visit or didn’t you just want to waste a frame? If certain things stopped stimulating some positive emotions or they haven’t done it at all, throw them away with no hesitation.

feel comfortable at your place

And for dessert is the most important thing. Think for a minute, what or who do you actually come back for? Is there someone or something waiting for you? Is there a hobby that you have at home? Do you enjoy doing at least some things at home?

If the only reason you go home is to spend the night and on weekends frig around in a bad mood, there is no wonder you feel uncomfortable there. And that cannot be changed by buying expensive furniture or a good conditioner.

Psychological climate in a family is also very important: relationship problems with family, spouse, kids, the feeling of failure as a parent, depression, etc. can all create unpleasant atmosphere that you don’t want to come back to. These problems should be solved first of all!

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