19 June 2022

How to Pick a Perfect Tenant for Your Place

Leasing your property to someone can be quite tricky. You need to find someone who would be trustful, otherwise there can be many problems. So, what a perfect tenant should be like? Answering this question, all the landlords would probably say that good tenants should be reliable, neat and punctual in terms of payments. Leasing your place, you don’t want neighbors to complain about constant flooding, loud music at night, suspicious guests or weird smells. Systematic payment delays are also very unpleasant for every landlord. It is possible to avoid those upsetting things if you choose your tenants very carefully. Here are some tips for you.

Don’t disregard the documents. These can include leasing contract, inventory, all the payment receipts, etc. Pay special attention to drawing up the contract. Better ask a professional to consult you on this. You should also have this contract notarized. This document will be your insurance in case there will be any conflicts.

Leave the negotiations to professionals. If you don’t want to be bothered by constant calls from those who want to bargain the price, discuss the disadvantages of your offer, trick or even swindle you, better hire a real estate agent. Agents have good experience and most of them can detect a potentially bad tenant from the phone call already. Besides, they can organize every step of the way fast and with minimum problems.

The portrait of a perfect tenant is quite blurry. However, the practice shows that the most reliable and punctual tenants are usually young families with kids who intend renting a place for a long time. White-collar workers also show a big amount of trust. Elderly couples are also on the list of the most reliable tenants. There are also some categories of people that you can exclude from the list of your potential tenants. Real estate agents recommend excluding:

  • People with big or numerous pets;
  • Smoking people (if you constantly smoke in a flat, it loses its value for the next tenants or for sale);
  • Illegal emigrants, especially big families of them;
  • Big male or female companies; they tend to create a big mess.

Personal talk to a person can also help you decide whether you should or should lease him your place. If a person is harsh, rude, tries to hide something or change the subject, he is not your choice. If people don’t want to talk about the reasons they are renting a place, about their jobs or social position, they are also not for you. Choose people whose intentions are good and clear, who have good jobs and can handle their affairs.

Discuss the nature of your communication. It is better that you visit the place once a month for at least the first half of the year. It is better that your relationships stay strictly businesslike; friendly relationships with your tenants can end up with them complaining about the constant lack of money and asking to post pone the next payment.

If you decide to lease your property, you have to spend enough time and effort to find the right tenants. Don’t rush into things and don’t choose the first person who comes in. Take your time, weigh your options and make the right choice.

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