How to Choose a Flat to Rent

Choosing a flat for rent is always a responsible task. It is not always easy to decide what you want and where to look. If you need a long-term rent, the next tips are just for you.

1. Before you start looking for a flat, make a list of all the improvements that you need in your home. How many rooms do you need? Do you need a washing machine, dish washer, parking lot? Which improvements are a must and which ones you can do without?

2. Think of the price. What maximum sum of money are you willing to pay per month? Always save this sum of money and watch your monthly budget. If building service is not included to your rent, make sure you have the money to pay for electricity, heat, Internet, etc.

3. Decide whether you need a flat with or without furniture. Flats with furniture are naturally more expensive, but if you don’t have basic furniture and you have no intentions to buy some, this option is for you.

4. What period of time do you need a flat for? Usually good apartments are for rent for minimum a year. Make sure you won’t be leaving this place for this time or look for a more compliant tenant.

5. Choose a couple of neighborhoods where you’d like to live. This makes the search a lot easier. You can check several flats per day if they are in the same neighborhood.

6. Decide what kind of building you’d prefer. Do you like to rent a flat in a big building where you can meet lots of people or in a small building with several flats?

7. Consider the main convenience factors such as how close the flat is to public transportation or to your work. Is the subway close? If you have any pets, you have to find out whether the tenant allows them in the building.

8. Before signing a leasing contract, make a list of all your questions and requirements. It is better to handle everything beforehand not to have unpleasant surprises in the future.

9. Be ready for questions about your solvency. In most cases a tenant asks for a monthly rent plus an insured sum that may consist of 50% — 100% of a monthly rent. If you cannot pay the whole sum, try to negotiate and to find some compromise.

10. Start your search. You can use local newspapers or the Internet. You can also hire a real estate agent who will find some options suitable for your requirements. Ask your family and friends, everyone usually knows something about it.

11. Calculate the timing so that you don’t have to pay for your current flat and your new one at the same time.

If you decide to find a new place to live, make sure you do all the researches, look through all the options and consider all the variants. After all, it is you who’ll have to live there and it is your decision whether to enjoy it or to have constant troubles.

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